Confidence, Comparison, Competency

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Three big “Cs” about which volumes have been written. So why do I try to tackle this in a shortish blog?

They are Connected and it is this 4th C, connection, that we often overlook.

Confidence Comparison Competency

Confidence grows as we become more competent but is often undermined by comparison. Are you familiar with this cycle? It is a pattern that we can observe in everything we do if we take the time to see the connection.

Understanding these connections offers the possibility of seeing where we are on any continuum as opportunity for growth rather than disappointment that we not as good as someone else.

Small jumps in comparison are usually more difficult to accept than large ones. We go to museums to be dazzled by the gifts of the “masters.” We might have a fleeting thought that we will never excel in the same way “they” have. It does not cause us despair because the gulf between our work and theirs is large. However, when we are in a setting with peers, comparison can lead to disillusionment about our own abilities and time and again, I see people stop trying.

I think if we understood the connection among these three: confidence, comparison, and competency, we would be more apt to accept where we are and feel energized to practice more – not to become like the masters, but to become the best version of ourselves.

For six months, I have kept a log of how many steps I walk in a day. I use a simple pedometer and I know I will never be close to Florence Griffith-Joyner. But I am walking more regularly than I did six months ago. And it has become a habit. Not an addiction, but a natural part of my day.

Do you see the value in connecting confidence, comparison, and competency?

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