Connections and Collaborations, 11.2.2016

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“Nature never draws a line without smudging it.” Winston Churchill

FREEDOM: you can turn the line drawing in any direction, horizontal, vertical, top and bottom. If you have a program that allows you to flip the image left and right, this is also fine. After you make this choice, well…there are some rules, smile.

  1. You are requested to add a continuous line to the drawing attached.
  2. First, please print on standard copier paper which will be slightly different sizes depending on your country.
  3. You place your pen or standard 2B pencil onto the paper and draw a continuous line without lifting your pen/pencil off the paper.
  4. Once you lift, you must not start again.
  5. Please scan your work and attach in the comment section of the bi-weekly post.

I will start a new drawing every other week.

You are always encouraged to go the archive section and ADD to a drawing that someone else has added to already.


Connections and Collaborations, Ann Grasso Pattern Art

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  • Steve Lovelace


    Trying to draw with one contiguous line is tough! I think I drew better when I was in 3rd grade – LOL

    • blank
      Ann Grasso

      Actually, I think this is terrific. The point of this exercise is not perfection, but rather flights of fancy. I would like to meet this person you drew!

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Connections and Collaborations, Ann Grasso Pattern ArtConnections and Collaborations, Ann Grasso Pattern Art