A major goal of this website is providing opportunities for participation. My first boss in retail business shared this practical point: partnerships work when each person offers a different skill and when the others in the group respect this skill. I look forward to groups forming that are passionate about a goal and gathering the people with the necessary skills to achieve this goal. Initially, the forum for these projects will be private. When ready to launch, the group will decide when to make it public. Please sign up if you wish to participate. Your name, email and skillset will be held in confidence until the private forum is released.

Example Projects

How many significant conversations throughout the world have occurred over a cup of tea? Whether with friends and family, or work colleagues, or even among nations through statecraft, talking over tea has been one of the few cultural expressions that unite us as a human family. This exhibition shares with you the works of 44 artists who expressed their interpretations of the human experience of connecting over tea. We now invite you to participate by looking, listening and conversing.

For More information regarding the collaborative, click here.

The 70,273 Project

70273 Project Quilt One, Ann Grasso Pattern ArtA world-wide collaboration is commemorating the murder of 70, 273 physically and mentally disabled people between January 1940 and August 1941in Nazi Germany. While collaborations take many people, generally, it starts because ONE PERSON has an idea. In this case, Jeanne Hewel-Chambers has undertaken this Herculean task and it is something in which YOU can participate. All the data regarding this worthwhile endeavor can be found online.

The Box Collaborative

Box 1-12 collaborationsIn 2004-5, The Box Collaborative engaged 12 artists of different genres from across the US to create one piece of art a month based on a set number of materials from 1-12. 144 pieces resulted along with 12 boxes.

The object of this collaboration was to engage in the idea of limits. Box one could only use ONE material. Box two could only use TWO materials. Successive box numbers similarly limited the number of materials used through TWELVE materials in Box twelve

AU_Grasso_Box Project__9738Creators had one month to offer their work for the box they received. Mailing took one week. The round robin took approximately a year and half. Amazingly, every artist fulfilled this engagement, and there was a party at the finale in which all boxes and contents were displayed for those close enough to the east coast event to participate.

Each artist received a “library shelf” with books of individual photos of each artwork as their gift for participating. Aaron Usher photographed all the boxes and artworks.

The Bottle Cap Mandala Project

11.10.15-Bottle-cap-project-650This project features collection of plastic bottle caps by residents of a retirement community and local public schools. Slated to begin in the future, it has been a work in progress for two years.

While the caps were originally collected for a Trashion Fashion “costume,” the current thinking is to create large mandalas for display in the town. Caps are still being collected and 4 large black trash bags are already full.


In its second year, TaTT (Taste and Talk Together) is a program where eight high school freshman and eight residents of a retirement community have lunch – once every two weeks. Throughout the course of the school year, all freshmen have an opportunity to participate. The aim of the program is better understanding between generations. It is not geared toward teaching, but rather toward communication and modeling behavior appropriate to fine dining. This program is made possible through the cooperation of residents and staff leadership at the retirement community, Sodexo, underwriter of the food for the students, and the Superintendent of Schools and staff of the local high school. It is a worthy program that can be replicated in many towns and cities.

Please contact Ann Grasso for more information.

The Community Paper Quilt Project

8.25.15 Paper Quilt piecesThe Community Paper Quilt Project requests that all who live or work in the town contribute a square or tangram element decorated in some personalized manner.


11.27.15-two-4'-squares-Paper-QuiltA display of the work will be shown in the schools, the town hall and a participating retirement community. This project is scheduled to complete by end of school year 2016.


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10 Benefits: even just one is better than none.

  1. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  2. Participation = learning = something to talk about with family, friends and at social gatherings.
  3. Projects can be crafted to suite your personal preferences – ask others to join with you.
  4. Projects requiring more than yourself promote comradery and community.
  5. Projects provide a playing ground for honing leadership skills.
  6. Projects provide target deadlines and most of us work harder with deadlines.
  7. Projects are a great way to tap into your creative self and practice.
  8. Project participation provides a sense of accomplishment.
  9. Projects often provide public recognition and access.
  10. Projects are often in service to a greater good.