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The mask in the drawing is not white.

The mask in the drawing is empty waiting to be filled to serve the occasion.

MaskWe have closets of masks. Some we wear for so long we forget to visit our closet for a change of “face.” When we do take the time to tidy up our closet, we will learn more about ourselves – some old masks no longer fit. We have grown away from them. We have added to our knowledge store.
And speaking of stores, sometimes I go shopping for masks. I watch the behavior of others and adopt the things I find helpful, useful, thoughtful, etc. Adoption doesn’t mean putting on their mask. It means making it fit into who I am but with a bit of stretch.

I am a visual person and keeping the empty-mask icon handy prompts me to check and assess whether what I am wearing presents my authentic self filtered for the best outcome in any situation. Consider making your own icon, or feel free to print out the one above.

Most days we are on autopilot. Make today “Mask Awareness Day” –
Hallmark, please take note.

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  • Eva Dykas


    Yes, we certainly can grow by hybridizing what we see as good qualities in others to what is good in ourselves and still have what is a our constantly improving authentic self.

    • blank
      Ann Grasso

      Have I told you how much richer my life is because you are in it?

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