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At RISD, we used to laugh about creating a show of “started” projects. Not just those considered failures, but rather those that got lost in the higher priority intrusions. The photo below is of a paste paper I created back in the 90’s and as yet has not found a purpose.


Incomplete, Ann Grasso Pattern Art, Van Parker


Recently, it is my good fortune to make acquaintance with Van Parker who, as an octogenarian, started writing poetry. He has given permission to voice one here.


Incomplete, from Letting in the Light


One of the grades
some teachers have been known to give
is “incomplete.”


It isn’t a letter grade like A, B or D
or a number such as 73 -,
just “incomplete” –


which isn’t a bad way to describe
anyone who is still learning,
whatever the subject may be –


leaving doors open
for discoveries, surprises,
and unexpected breezes –


arriving at the right time
from…… almost anywhere


Van has three books of poetry available on Amazon.

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