MUSINGS, 1.23.2017

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“You must try out different things. Put a stroke here, draw a line there. Then you will suddenly notice that something appearing on the paper in front of your eyes begins to fascinate you. You notice a line you just didn’t see before, and you begin to work with it. In the end, a mistake is no longer a mistake, because you have given it its own space and significance in the larger whole.” – François Gilot

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  • Liliana fijman

    Absolutly correct

    • blank
      Ann Grasso

      So many people stop working on any project at the first sign of “failure”, as judged by their eyes, even though it might be tiny. One of my favorite pieces of art hangs in the Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford. Lee Krasner created an oil painting on canvas. She must have also created an oil on paper which she didn’t like. She tore up the paper art into smallish pieces and attached them over the oil painting. You have to look very closely to see that it is collage. This is a case where two wrongs can make a right, smile.

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