MUSINGS, 4.10.2017

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“If you’re going to be a stencil snob, then you might as well make all your own brushes and paints too.” – Author Unknown

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  • Mary R.

    Love this! I’ll solve the “author unknown” portion! It was Jacqueline Sullivan, a painter from Cincinnati who travels around the country teaching her fabulous techniques. I was lucky enough to attend her classes in my area twice. She opened up a new world for me with the stencil part of her technique. She taught the beauty of color blending, transparency, translucency, texture-building and her powerhouse way of achieving layers. Now I sometimes make my own stencils, and I no longer have an issue with using premade stencils, just as I have no issue with my paints and brushes coming from manufacturers. What you do with a stencil is unique from anyone else’s use, just as using red paint differs from another’s use of red paint.

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      Ann Grasso

      Oh my – I am thrilled to learn about this!!! Thank you ever so much – and because I make stencils, it is wonderful to have the endorsement of others. Have you ever visited my Etsy shop? If not, I sure welcome your taking a stroll over.

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