MUSINGS, 7.3.2017

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“Great art should do more than entertain – great art should provoke thought and critical discourse, engage the audience, and build a safe, strong sense of community through the exploration of important issues.” – Eugene Rogers

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  • patsy

    When an interesting comment or thought process is attached to a name, I enjoy the research challenge to find more or the ‘rest of the story’ in Paul Harvey fashion,
    In looking into Eugene Rogers, I found comments by social studies teacher, Quan Neloms, also reflecting on Dr. Rogers work. I, too, use a multi-media ‘exposure’ with students, friends and my health coaching clients to ‘focus elsewhere’ when doing stress reduction activities.
    The link that refers to both Dr. Rogers and Quam Neloms is:
    If you would like to read more.
    Thanks Ann! This was a way to start the week 😃

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      Ann Grasso

      Thank you for expanding our minds with your research, patsy.

    • Angeline Martinez

      That quote freezes and scares me.

      I don’t need most of my paintings to send a message. If my paintings must send a message – then why paint?

      I’ve struggled with similar quotes about art. I don’t want my paintings to make political statements and cause anger. I want to send out joy, freedom, & rest.

      Good quote, but I disagree. 😊

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      Ann Grasso

      Angie, I appreciate your comment! May I ask why you might not include Joy, Freedom and Rest as “promoting a strong sense of community through the exploration of these important issues?” More than ever these days, I believe we need to highlight these rights.

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