MUSINGS, 9.18.2017

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“The best things in life happen to you when you are alone.” – Agnes Martin

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  • Marguerite


    Not necessarily.
    I love to be alone. And to discover things that are alive in me or that ask for mild attention and time. I need to be alone for my sanity’s sake. However I have felt very connected and touched by acts of love from family, friends and animals. I have felt their love and care for me. And I feel privileged to support them with my presence and care. These contacts help me develop and remain vital, connected.

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      Ann Grasso

      I wondered how many folk would see “the other side of this coin,” and I quite agree with you. “No man is an island,” according to John Donne. In today’s world of connectivity however, some of us forget the need for alone/quiet time, I worry. And I suspect what Agnes Martin is trying to convey is that we need time to reflect in order to fully appreciate the time with others. Delighted to hear from you Marguerite.

  • Marguerite Samama

    Thanks Ann, for commenting and for offering thimas quote: it helped me realize where I stand!

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