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Sure, those of us with sight can see. But do we look? Do we take time to “notice?” The purpose of the posted photos is to ask if you see more than a cloud, a leaf, or a crack in the sidewalk. It’s a kids’ game. But it’s fun. And the point is to get each of us to slow down and observe our surroundings.


Learning to See, Ann Grasso Pattern Art

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  • Maureen Stott

    I see a Cocker Spaniel looking to the right running away from the bear looking to the left. I’ll have to look at it again another time to see if I see anything different. Thanks for these opportunities to be a kid again, Ann!

    • blank
      Rebecca Mead

      So many things we learn as children, we give up when we are trying to be mature. But the entire point of this game is to “look”, really look and see. Thanks for playing!

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Learning to See, Ann Grasso Pattern Art