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Recently, a wise teacher offered a single word to encompass the myriad of feelings and frustrations I shared about unknowns in my life. Today’s blog is primarily pictorial, focusing on the beauty of the unseen, the reality that many things will become known through exercising patience, and that fog does not exist when we stay in the moment and look at what is close at hand.

The following photos were all shot within a half hour, early morning, October 28th, 2017. A treasury of nature’s beauty suggesting that fog need not be a negative.


Fog Rolling In, Ann Grasso Pattern Art, Practicing GratitudeFog Rolling In


Sun Rises in Fog, Practicing GratitudeSun Rises in Fog


Fog, Practicing Gratitude, Backlit FountainBacklit Fountain 


Reflecting, Fog, Practicing GratitudeReflecting


Fog, Practicing Gratitude, Light Brings ClarityLight Brings Clarity


Fog Does Not Obscure what is Close at Hand, Fog, Practicing GratitudeFog does not obscure what is close at hand. 


Sun Reflected, Fog, Practicing GratitudeSun Reflected


May your Thanksgiving be enriched with beauty, laughter, and acceptance.

For more photos of nature’s beauty, click Ann Grasso Chronolog.

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  • Ann-Marie Gillett

    These photos just gave me a lovely pause in a frantic morning. Thanks for reminding me to tap into that peaceful place we have and cover up all too often! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Ann.

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      Ann Grasso

      Holidays bring a lot of joy. And also, some stress. Living in fog offers an oasis.

  • Lise Orwig

    Such beautiful photographs, Ann. You have a keen eye and an open heart:)

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      Ann Grasso

      Thanks Lise. The pond I live near seems to offer endless opportunities for contemplation.

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