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You know the old saw, “If a tree falls in the forest…?” I was noticing the small spring fishes jumping to the surface of the pond totally unaware of the commotion they created.


Ripple Redux


I am revisiting the idea of ripples today because it is an idea worth repeating. For those of us who fall into the introvert category as well as some in the extrovert category, we think what we say and do is of little consequence in our vast, noisy, populated, digitally connected world. But here’s the thing: The universe notices. Our brains notice.


Ripple Redux


The little fishy is totally unaware of the beautiful world of ripples created by a wee pop to the surface of a rather small pond. But I, the silent observer, capture the images for all time because they are stored on the cloud. Now, how’s that for longevity!


Ripple Redux


Too often, we tell ourselves negative stories, repeating them like mantras, over and over and over. Get the ripple effect here? It is a pattern or a habit that would best be replaced.

There was a little boy in kindergarten who had a habit of speaking outloud to himself. It was disruptive to others although not doubt comforting to himself. His kind teacher asked to speak with him, not in front of the other children. She simply asked if he might consider thinking his thoughts instead of “outlouding” as a way of allowing everyone to have quiet in which to learn. The behavior didn’t change right away, but soon, it stopped. The teacher, wishing to praise his new habit, asked him to see her alone again. She asked how he was able to change his previous habit of “outlouding.” His answer? “I catch myself.”


Ripple Redux


Please start telling yourself that you are creative. Everyone Is! A short treat for you to enjoy from Sir Ken Robinson.

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  • Anne Smyers

    Very nice post, Ann. And I love this talk by Ken Robinson. Always inspiring and thought-provoking.

    • blank
      Rebecca Mead

      Thank you Anne. And wordmeister Ken Robinson offers an important message we could wish the educational system did more to endorse.

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