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Technology requires consistent updating. I believe updates are built into the system to make money for large corporations. The good news is that trickle down economics puts bread on the table for entrepreneurs like Mark Miglietta, a gentle soul who has maintained my various tech platforms with patience and plain English rather than techno-babble. Intermittently, we have conversations about his health-conscious learning and lifestyle as well as occasional philosophical discussions on living more fully each day.

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Simplify Your Life

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”
– Hans Hoffman


We all deserve the good things life has to offer, and in our complicated world, we sometimes lose sight of what is truly important. Committing to a simple life may be the best way to getting back on track and the best way to move forward.

How do you do this?

The simple answer is to do more of what you love and less of what you don’t. Ask yourself: what do you love? Identify what you truly love and what is important to you, and cut out all other distractions that pull you away from these things. Everyone’s answer to this question is different, and only you have that answer. For me it’s simple: I love my kids, I love helping others, hiking, enjoying the outdoors and nature in general, as well as singing and making amateur music and art. You don’t even have to be “good” at what you love. And that’s ok. Do it anyway.


Simplify Your Life


We all have distractions in our lives.

We all have things we need to do, possessions we need to care for; and these days with smartphones, news media, and social media are a constant tug. These can overload us with visual and emotional clutter. They rob us of what would truly make us happy.

Identify the clutter in your life and try to eliminate it. Examine your daily, weekly and monthly routines and commitments. Are the things you do in alignment with what is important to you and with what you love? If they give you great value for your time, and if they are related to what is truly important, then keep doing those things. If they aren’t, then remove what you can.

Please step away from the smartphone (or whatever else distracts you regularly)! You know what distracts you – consider selecting time limits or choose specific times of day for these things. It’s ok to say no to people, things, and situations that may pull you away from what is important to you. This one is a challenge for me. As I said, I like to help people, and sometimes while helping them, I end up getting pulled away from other things that are important to me. There is a happy balance.

Simplifying your life is a process, but one worth practicing. It means taking things out of your life that don’t serve your purpose and this leaves more space for what you really want to do.
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