The Art of Living

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Patterns of Living are Manifestations of Pattern Art

To many, the word “art” refers only to a skill based on using hands to draw, paint, sculpt or anything we were taught in grade school under the title ART. Some of us now include writing, music, dance, photography, etc.

How many of us think of the daily choices we make as art?


The Art of Living, Ann Grasso Pattern Art, manifestations of pattern art


When we look back, we can see patterns.
In the moment, our choices often seem less consequential.

2017 I will make choices recognizing each one adds to my Patterns of Living.

The photo above is remarkable because this tree species sheds its bark once a year offering new growth. In particular, I see a book with two blank pages – fitting for a new year.

What do you anticipate in 2017? Will you add your comments?

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