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It seems only fitting that our first guest blogger is Alison Chambers, the founder of The Freedom Belles. It is the business I have selected to fund through your sign-up subscriptions. Supporting creative entrepreneurs, especially small businesses, has always been an essential part of how I live and shop. As well, honoring our veterans is a family matter! It is with respect and appreciation that I introduce you to Alison Chambers.


Guest Contributor: Alison Chambers

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A couple of years ago, I was singing on the Battleship New Jersey as part of a V-J Day Remembrance event. As I got to “I’ll Be Seeing You”, I saw movement from the back. An older gentleman resplendent in his dress whites very slowly made his way to the front. I could see he was a WWII veteran I had met at several events. He slowly turned around, stood next to me, and held my hand as I continued the song. He cried. I cried. Everyone cried.

It is experiences like this one that prompt my dedication to giving back.

Veterans are some of the most outstanding people I have ever met and soon the amazing members of WWII will live only in our memories.

Several years ago I formed a trio of singing pin-ups, The Freedom Belles. We are committed to celebrating and commemorating history in 3-part harmony. We offer shows featuring The Andrews Sisters’ music, as well as music from the WWII, Korea, and Vietnam eras.

We have the best job in the world – putting smiles on veterans’ faces. 

We take these soldiers back in time and honor their commitment by making sure each of them sports a kiss on their cheek. Some of them even turn their heads so we wind up getting their lips. I’ve heard stories of veterans who don’t wash their faces and show up at church with those lips still on.

It’s amazing how a weight is lifted and age falls off. A lot of these gentlemen can still lead a lady across the dance floor, even though they have a hard time getting around.

It is our American Veterans whom The Freedom Belles are dedicated to celebrating. We sing the National Anthem and perform at air shows, reenactments, and veterans’ events all over the southeast and are eager to expand so we reach every hero we possibly can.

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