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I met Stacy Reck once. She exuded calmness. Looking at the photos she has provided as part of her guest blog, I want to see more. Journaling with collage is not something I do…yet…

  • Stacy kindly offered some bio information for me to introduce her:
  • She started a career in counseling children and quickly learned that “art” – draw me the monster you’re afraid of – was a healing process.
  • Currently, Stacy coaches woman using journaling for personal and professional growth and development.
  • MA, Counseling and Human Development
  • Trained in Gestalt Therapy
  • Certified in Past Life Regression Therapy
  • Co-founder of H.O.P.E. (Holistic Organization for Professional Excellence)

And now the page is hers.


Stacy Reck, Journey, Art Journaling


I have never thought of myself as an artist. Creative maybe, but artist, no. Yet, I adore paper, pens, and paint.

My desire to journal was mostly to have a tome of personal writing that looked cool and was thick with messiness and beauty all at the same time.

I was enamored with the kind of journals that were filled with ideas and sketches that spanned lifetimes, the kind that told deep and interesting stories and that were worn from love and use. I longed for that kind of journal.

Stacy Reck, Journal, Art Journaling


When I found art journaling, magic happened. I would write and sketch each day, playing and experimenting with different mediums. Before long my journal came alive to me. The more the pages warped and bent, became tattered and painted, the more I loved my journal. Journaling became a serious endeavor.

Stacy Reck, Beauty, Art Journaling


My journals have evolved with time and now look more like the well-loved books I desired. I prefer to use watercolors, acrylic paint – usually with fingers – collage, and a bit of the recycle bin. Then add in words of inspiration, wonder, emotion, and deep thought.

What I’ve learned from journaling with art ~

  • We are all artists and creative.
  • This type of process helps you grow.
  • A journal is a best friend. Talk to it often to nurture that relationship.
  • There are no rules, do it your way!
  • Art heals us.

Stacy Reck, Joy, Art Journaling


Being reckless and making mistakes adds to the beauty of your journal.

If you don’t like something paint over it and make it beautiful.

Stacy Reck, Circles, Art Journaling


Journaling helps me relax, solve problems and keeps track of my process. For me it’s not about being an artist but a way to tell a story and convey feelings and emotion with or without words. It’s a meditative process where I can find peace from a hectic schedule. Art journaling is the place where the conscious and subconscious meet, a place where magic happens.

For more info, you can find me at

You can find lots of art journal inspiration by searching the web or YouTube.

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