Together we will share creative opportunities…

Goals for working together include reading and responding, creating visuals based on prompts, engaging in conversations, and working together on projects such as those showcased at Collaboration Projects.

Accessing Creativity

Science has found that the brain prefers patterns and works hard to assemble ideas, sounds and images into an organized structure. Understanding patterns enriches our creativity – and this is what we want to encourage through collaboration.

Pattern Art

Pattern ArtZentangle® tangle names:

“Emanon”, Cheryl Cianci;
“Mary Hill”, Betsy Wilson,
“Ing”, Molly Hollibaugh

Mandala, Ann Grasso


YOU are invited to explore unfamiliar patterns.

Are you curious enough to hit the button?

The VALUE of patterns

The more patterns we assimilate, the less stress we feel.

Patterns are primarily thought of as pictorial, but there are also patterns of individual and collective behavior, languages, habits, etc. Our explorations will consider every aspect of pattern and often will use visual patterns to prompt new thoughts.

Pictures preceded written words. Even after spoken language became organized into alphabets, words and grammatical structures, our brains continued to react vigorously to pictures by trying to decipher patterns in them. Sometimes the pattern is evident, and if too familiar, we tend to get bored and move on. When arrangements are complex, the more curious of us will try to see the sequences creating connections with patterns already familiar to us. Being open to adding to our pattern “knowns” is an important goal.

On this site, pattern will be used both pictorially and verbally.