Accessing Creativity to Grow Teams and Leaders

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Yes, I am a member of the Quiet Revolution – thank you Susan Cain. However, I am also a creative. I believe that everyone is a creative. This is a message important enough to drive me out of my zones of safety and offer conversations about Accessing Creativity.

Unfortunately, many individuals, men, women and children, feel they are not a creative or that they lost this sensibility back in grade school. Imagine the benefits first and foremost to ourselves, then to our families, our communities, our businesses and our politicians if we each reconnected with our creativity!

Creative endeavors range from hands on to the undersung practice of sitting and thinking. It has been proven that some creative activities reduce stress, a side-benefit not to be ignored.

Most Popular Presentations

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Ann Grasso is a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) and is available to speak for:

  • Corporate
  • Academia
  • Healthcare
  • Municipal

Accessing Creativity

  • Understanding the reality that we are all creative
  • The link between creativity and brain health
  • Examples of techniques promoting creativity
Participants learn
  • awareness that asserting creativity is both fun and aids in productivity
  • increased attention to patterns of behavior
  • adoption of techniques that offer stress reduction

Creating Mindfulness through Mandalas

  • A brief introduction of historic mandalas
  • What is Zentangle® and why is it important?
  • Hands-on demonstration of Zentangle® practice
Participants learn
  • better understanding that relaxation improves perception
  • awareness and appreciation of “uni-tasking”
  • clarity regarding the difference between mindfulness and meditation

Patterns: Benefits of Repetition

  • Pattern exists in all areas of life: culture, music, movement, drawing
  • Awareness: naming the patterns in your daily life
  • How pattern aides creativity: Learning to see
Participants discover
  • learning how recognizing patterns in one area can benefit understanding in another
  • appreciating how sensitizing to our surroundings increases knowledge
  • valuing how adding to “knowns” pattern list increases ease of working and living


  • Basics: the practice of Zentangle®; ranging from 1 – 3 hours, small or large groups
  • Advanced: basics is a pre-requisite: 2-4 hours, small or large groups
  • Mandalas: easing into mandala making through use of stencil I designed: small or large groups
Participants discover
  • delight and amazement that drawing patterns, “one stroke at a time” is as simple as printing the letters o, s, i and c
  • practice is both fun and rewarding
  • focus is a transferable skill

Accessing Creativity to Grow Teams and Leaders

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