Do you agree that each of us is more comfortable when we “know the drill”?

Presented with something new, we first look for our “knowns”. Recognition of some people or details makes it easier to engage with the unfamiliar. We start to make connections. Each of us has our group of “knowns” and these are the patterns we use as our basics for navigation throughout our life.

How often do we intentionally think about adding to our inventory of patterns?

Of course we train in our chosen professions. And we easily pursue our free-time pleasures. We become confident in these areas.

YOU are invited to explore unfamiliar patterns


“I can’t draw a straight line.” (who cares?)
“I’m not artistic.” (who said?)
“I’m not creative.” (what does this mean?)

How many times have you said this or heard others say this?
When did creativity become the purview of a select few?

Before the Industrial Age, everyone used their hands. Of course, some were skilled in leather or in metal, some in building or using a paintbrush, some with a needle and thread. Some invented new ideas and some followed the ideas of others. No one thought to delineate creativity as something available only to “people born with talent.”

Somewhere along the line, creativity was sidelined as less important than reading, writing and arithmetic. It is time to feature the reality that we are all creative.

Will you help declare the reality?

We are All CREATIVE!

Are you curious enough to hit the button?